Power washing is an excellent technique to clean the filth off standard materials like stucco, aluminum, steel, wood, and brick siding on your home or commercial space. Power washing is recommended on a routine basis to keep up with the property’s upkeep and it is also required to prepare a property’s exterior before painting. The additional benefit of power washing is increasing your property’s value now and when you decide to sell. However, this process entails more than merely attaching your garden hose to a power washer and turning on the water. Pressure washing requires some skill as well. The benefits outweigh any barrier power washing may pose. Below are 5 ways power washing increases your property’s value.

What is power washing?

A power washer blasts dirt and debris off outdoor surfaces with a high-pressure jet of very hot water. The combination of high pressure and water temperature makes it more effective in removing truly stuck-on materials from surfaces. It is perfect for eliminating salt, mildew, and mold from outdoor patios, decks, driveways, and other surfaces. The extra heat also makes it particularly effective at removing chewing gum off pavements. Power washing is also excellent for removing grease stains from driveways and garage flooring. It can also be utilized to thoroughly clean a number of exterior components of the property like the walls, siding, and pathways. 

1. Increase the appeal and market value of your property

Most properties gain value over time. However, their worth decreases when they become broken, unclean, or outdated. However, regular power washing solutions can assist to guarantee that the value of your property is maintained or even improves. It is critical to implement these power washing services on a routine basis in order to maximize the service’s benefits. While a single power washing service may be incredibly useful, it is typically preferable to have these services on a long-term and consistent basis, especially if you want them to help maintain the property’s value.

A filthy property will appear quite worn down. When dirt and filth gather on the structure, it takes on a significantly worse image. Regular power washing aids in removing these layers of filth and restoring the structure to its former appealing condition. Power washing may improve curb appeal in more ways than merely cleaning the building’s exterior. Having driveways or fences completely cleaned will also assist to improve the property’s overall curb appeal by offering a more spotless look.

2. Prevent and reduce repairs with power washing

When layers of filth and debris accumulate on the surface of your property, you will most likely be unable to notice distinct areas of damage on your property. This makes it hard to provide the necessary repairs and upkeep for your property. Furthermore, some pollutants might deteriorate the surface of your structure. You may reduce the amount of harm that these pollutants can do to your building by having them removed. Power washing on a regular basis can assist to lessen the possibility of repairs being required. This is a critical component in protecting your property, thus increasing its value.

3. eliminates mold and bacteria from growing

Outside of your property, several types of hazardous bacteria like mildew, and mold can gather. Fortunately, power washing takes care of almost all of it. High-pressure water at a safe level may remove even the most stubborn and tenacious debris.

Fungi-like mold and mildew are among the most dangerous pollutants that power washing may remove. Removing mold before it grows not only enhances the aesthetic of your property, but it can also minimize the probability of respiratory issues. Mold does not have to be present in your home and commercial space to trigger allergic responses or illness in you and those around you. This is all the more incentive to get your property power-washed so that you and everyone inside remain happy and healthy. If you are planning to sell your property, potential buyers will appreciate the extra steps you have made to make it safer and more welcoming.

4. Restore the property’s exterior 

Since your property’s walls and siding are constantly exposed to the weather, they will eventually display indications of deterioration. If they are not addressed promptly, they can cause an unappealing exterior, along with the potential for causing costly damage to your property. Mildew development, spider webs, and chalkiness are all frequent siding material difficulties. To keep it looking new and prevent future damage to your structure, you must maintain a constant cleaning routine. Power washing can be used to remove all kinds of dirt and grime as well as unsightly stains on external walls produced by algae. Power washing can be quite effective for all kinds of exterior materials including fiber cement, wood clapboard, or vinyl siding. It could also be applied on certain metal siding. Other areas in the property that could be power washed to improve its value are the driveway or parking lot and surrounding pathways. By having these areas power washed you can create a clean and uniform aesthetic to the exterior of the property thus increasing its value.

5. Creates a move-in ready property for sale  

Aside from generating the greatest value, property owners want to sell their spaces as soon as possible. Sellers frequently have a new house lined up, which means they need to get their existing property off their hands as soon as they can. A variety of factors contribute to achieving that aim, but few are more vital than curb appeal. Since the exterior of your property is the first thing potential buyers will notice, it is critical to maintaining your landscaping during the showing phases. After you have trimmed all the overgrown shrubs in front of your property, give it a nice power wash to make the house seem as wonderful as the landscape. Potential buyers will be impressed by how warm and inviting your property is. If your house is well-kept on the outside, you may catch a buyer’s curiosity without even opening the front door. A clean and maintained outdoor space through power washing is a testament to what a buyer can expect in the interior of a property.

How to properly power wash 

Power washing the different surfaces of the building requires different pressure. Selecting the right power washer for your needs is the first step in power washing your property’s exterior. You then need to prepare the surrounding area that could potentially be damaged from the force of the water pressure. Covering items like light fixtures, air conditioners, and delicate plants are some things that need to be protected. Along with those items, you need to protect yourself with protective gear such as safety goggles and work gloves when power washing. When you begin to power wash the exterior of the property it is best to start from the bottom up and spray in a horizontal side-to-side motion. It is also recommended to stay at a reasonably far distance and test the pressure on a small section before committing to the entire area. Power washing your property yourself can be a rewarding DIY project but also time-consuming.

Leave it to the professionals 

Power washing can be a timely project and can increase in scale based on the size of your property and its unique features. With the differing surfaces, it is also important to note what water pressure to use to ensure effective cleaning. One of the best things about working with a professional power washing company is that they have experience. They can help clean the outside and surrounding property, and give you advice on how to keep it clean. They will know how to make your property clean without damaging it and can make sure your property looks its best. Turn to experience when it comes to getting the most value out of power washing your residential or commercial space.