Commercial Property Cleaning

Your commercial or industrial space may require some assistance in cleaning unattractive stains, gum, graffiti, or even dangerous grease build-up. By performing regular cleaning maintenance you can cut down on costs for repairs to your property.


Keeping your office facility or residence clean is an extremely crucial component of running a successful business. It also poses many advantages of having a tidy space. As a result, when it comes to selecting a professional cleaning service provider, you want to ensure that you are receiving exactly what you need. Aside from keeping carpets looking fresh, having an office professionally cleaned provides psychological advantages for employees, enhances your company’s productivity or tenant retention, and results in a setting that people want to be in.

Why Commercial Property Cleaning is Important for Your Business

Inviting atmosphere

External circumstances frequently impact a client’s mood and thinking. For example, living in a clean environment boosts morale significantly. Although some may regard a clean environment solely for aesthetic reasons, there are subconscious shifts that occur when everything is in order. Extensive studies have shown that our physical environments may influence our cognition, emotions, behaviors, decision-making, and even our interpersonal connections. In contrast, clutter causes stress-like reactions in numerous settings. Professional cleaners make life easier by removing excess filth, dust, stains, grime, and anything else that may be a distraction or stress inducer on your property. Those that use commercial cleaners report enhanced employee morale, increased productivity, and improved tenant relationships. Aqua Terra strives to provide exceptional service, we provide year-round power washing to ensure your space is kept clean for all that enter your property.

Physical health

It almost goes without saying, but illness spreads swiftly in small places. When it comes to illnesses, the close proximity of people in workplaces, apartment complexes, and warehouses pose a risk to your business. It could drastically affect the daily operations and the mood of everyone on your property. When opposed to a dirty workplace, a well-kept workplace can minimize employee absenteeism, maintain healthy immune systems, and eventually contribute to better productivity. Professional cleaners are well aware of where bacteria prefer to live, and AquaTerra can help keep you and your facilities safe by using powerful disinfectants and antimicrobial technologies. We also use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to ensure that we leave no harmful chemicals behind.

Save time

If you want to keep your properties looking professional, it stands to reason that you should employ a cleaner that has the same goals as you. When you hire a commercial cleaning service, you are seeking a well-done job that you do not have to do totally on your own. A professional commercial cleaning service will have the proper tools to keep you up to date, will allow you to change your cleaning techniques on the fly, and will perform the job perfectly the first time. All of this adds up to the time and money saved, enabling you to focus on your goals while the cleaners focus on theirs. AquaTerra has one-of-a-kind power washing equipment that offers high pressures, hot water capability, and carries around 4000 gallons of water. With our equipment, we can provide continuous power washing for up to 12 hours ensuring we clean any commercial property efficiently and effectively.

Our commercial property cleaning services are great for:

  • Removing stains, gum, or graffiti
  • Getting rid of hazardous grease build-up
  • Commercial property
  • Industrial space

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