Heavy Equipment Power Washing

AquaTerra provides a variety of services for construction equipment to keep your tool clean so you can perform your job productively and safely. We provide radiator cleaning to prevent overheating, track clean-outs, operator access/egress cleaning, and so on.


Properly washing heavy equipment is a large undertaking. However, cleaning this equipment is necessary in protecting your investment. Heavy construction equipment washing requires technical knowledge of effectively getting rid of dirt and grease buildup. There are tricks to the trade that turn a large undertaking into a step-by-step procedure making the best use of time and ensuring the process is efficient. The use of specialty equipment is also required because of their ability to remove tough areas of grime and dirt. The end goal is to have a clean machine and a washing technician who stays safe.

Depending on the size or number of heavy construction equipment, it can be difficult to thoroughly clean all these machines in a timely manner. Especially if this equipment is constantly used with very little downtime. When cleaning these machines it is also vital to note that water alone is not sufficient to dislodge grease and dirt. Only equipment washing systems that use some sort of degreasing solution can effectively remove these kinds of debris. AquaTerra uses state-of-the-art power washing equipment that can provide high pressures of water, hot water capability, and carry about 4000 gallons of our own water to provide up to 12 hours of continuous power washing. With our equipment, we can tackle any size project.

Why Heavy Construction Equipment Maintenance Matters

Preventative maintenance

Preventive maintenance includes regular cleaning. When construction equipment is cleaned on a regular basis, it puts significantly less pressure on both fixed and moving elements. Dirt and grime operate as both abrasives and friction factors which can cause complications in any type of vehicle if not addressed promptly. Dirty machines wear out far faster than clean equipment. Regularly washed machines are also much easier to clean. In addition, by keeping construction equipment clean, downtime is also avoided. Part failures caused by filthy environments are costly in terms of wasted time and repairs. Regular cleaning eliminates unwanted debris from tracks such as rocks and branches. It also lessens the weight of booms and buckets with thick, dried muck securely adhering to their surfaces. Aqua Terra provides trained professionals who know how to get the most out of their equipment to ensure any project that we work on is completed to the client’s satisfaction.

Enhance safety

Construction equipment that is cleaned on a regular basis improves safety. It can be noted that poorly maintained equipment can endanger the operator, the work team, and anybody else in the machine’s path of action. Contaminant accumulation around hydraulic and electrical systems can cause a high-pressure oil blowout or unsafe voltage. This is why cleaning heavy construction equipment goes past solely for aesthetic reasons. Clean equipment ensures everyone in the workplace is safe. Here at AquaTerra, we pride ourselves in safety by having highly trained professionals who are insured and certified in working at heights and confined spaces. We also employ environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that can remove debris while being responsible. Let effectively clean your construction equipment to ensure your tools are ready to be used efficiently and safely.

Our heavy equipment power washing services are great for:

  • Radiator cleaning
  • Track clear-outs
  • Operator access and egress areas
  • Clean moving component joints
  • Degrease hydraulic lines

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