Brick & Concrete Restoration

The cleaning professionals at AquaTerra will completely revive any brick or concrete surface. We pay special attention to detail and are dedicated to providing your property with a thorough cleaning to liven up the surfaces on your property.


Brick and concrete exteriors may be very attractive materials when used around a property. Brick and concrete are durable materials that can withstand heavy weight and generally need some maintenance. Unfortunately, if brick or concrete is not properly maintained over time, it rapidly loses its appeal. They can degrade if not properly maintained and if they are not cleaned they can become dirty or stained. AquaTerra offers cleaning services that can renew and restore both brick and concrete exteriors for times when they become dirty or for preventative maintenance.

What are the Benefits of Brick and Concrete Renewal/Restoration?

Fresh look

Over time brick and concrete can develop an aged look. This is due to a number of factors like the weather, the changing seasons can drastically have an effect on how brick and concrete look. The harsh winters and the warm summers both contribute to the degraded look of brick and concrete. Another factor that affects the look of concrete is general wear and tear. A brick and concrete driveway can experience wear and tear from vehicles constantly driving over them. In contrast, a concrete or brick wall may not experience as much wear from constant use. From these examples, the key to keeping brick and concrete from losing their appeal is regular cleaning maintenance, specifically power washing.

Prevent damage

Brick and concrete are durable materials that can withstand a beating. However, just like everything else, they will degrade. It is possible to slow down the speed at which it degrades. With proper maintenance and cleaning, brick and concrete surfaces can benefit from preventative maintenance such as power washing. By having them routinely cleaned you can ensure that brick and concrete surfaces will last their advertised lifespans and in some cases, last even longer. AquaTerra offers year-round power washing services to ensure your brick and concrete are treated to last the season and to maintain their fresh look.

Maintain the appeal

Depending on the use of the brick or concrete surface it can experience a number of blemishes like mold, mildew, tire marks, stains, and many more. These blemishes can severely hinder the appeal of your brick and concrete surface. These forms of dirt and grime are unavoidable and will eventually occur on these types of surfaces when exposed to the outdoors. For this reason, a consistent cleaning schedule will visually bring life back to these surfaces. AquaTerra has highly trained professionals who have experience in working with different types of surfaces to provide the best results while also preventing any harm. AquaTerra also uses state-of-the-art equipment that can provide high pressures, hot water capabilities, and carry about 4000 gallons of our own water. With our professional equipment, any project will be completed efficiently and to the client’s satisfaction.

Our brick and concrete renewal/restoration services are great for:

  • Brick or concrete driveways
  • Pathways/walkways
  • Brick or concrete walls
  • Building exteriors

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