Paint, Gum, Grease & Graffiti Removal

AquaTerra can effectively remove unsightly stains such as gum smears, graffiti, oil spills, and other unsightly stains from your property. Our strong steam blast technique and the proprietary mixture will simply eliminate these imperfections.


There are a number of different blemishes that can severely hinder the overall aesthetic of a property or space. Paint, gum, grease, and stains are all eye sores that can negatively affect the appeal those substances are stuck on. AquaTerra combines exceptional service, superior expertise, and high-performing equipment to remove these blemishes from any surface that this unwanted substance may stick on.

We Offer Paint, Gum, Grease, and Stain Removal Services!

Chewing gum removal

Gum is great for freshening the breath but it is commonly disposed of in areas other than the garbage. It is one of the most difficult things to remove from any surface, including concrete driveways and other hard surfaces. Even if the sticky gum remnants have solidified and been trampled in place, pressure washing works against it. To melt the gum, we spray it with hot water to get it to melt. Using a 4000 psi setting and working the surface in a fan pattern, this technique will get rid of it rapidly.

Paint removal

Any homeowner would despise peeling or flaking paint on a fence, siding, or brick surface. Priming the surface before applying a new coat of paint is always recommended. AquaTerra is more than capable of removing paint from any property surface using specific techniques before a new coat is placed. As a precaution, we would perform a patch test before proceeding to ensure that the high-pressure spray will not damage the surface we are cleaning. We then spray a small area, then adjust the pressure as needed. Then, for the greatest results, we work in segments and keep the sprayer moving.

When using a power washer to remove paint from a wood surface, we are extra careful to spray with the grain of the wood. If any thinner or stripping chemicals were used to remove the paint, we ensure to completely rinse with the power washer to ensure proper paint adherence while applying a new coat.

Oil and grease removal

Some cars and vehicles may have some leaky piping causing some oil and grease to build up on concrete. In another case, grease can build up on the flooring of a restaurant from the excess cooking equipment. It can be a hassle to get rid of oil and grease, but with power washing, we can get those stains off of the garage, driveway, and pathway flooring in no time. A degreasing solution and a power washer with a 1700 or higher pressure setting are required. Tough stains may need considerable pretreatment before using a high-pressure nozzle.

General-purpose stain removal

Power washing professionals from AquaTerra may mix specific detergent into the water, transforming the equipment into a potent stain remover. We can remove stains from wood and vinyl siding, driveways and pathways, paving stones, decks, and other surfaces with the correct cleaning products. We may even use a power washer to remove stains off your home’s roof. Most detergent mixtures remove stains caused by dirt, leaves, and other debris from algae, as well as built-up grime and other stains. By pretreating unusually difficult stains with the soapy mixture and a strong brush, no stain stands a chance.

Our paint, gum, grease, and stain removal services are great for:

  • Restaurants
  • Outdoor commercial and residential fencing
  • Pathways
  • Exterior building walls

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