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AquaTerra provides vineyard power washing and sanitization services ranging from power cleaning agricultural equipment to sterilizing brewing equipment, removing stains and germs from wine barrels, and maintaining patios and other common spaces.


Wineries and vineyards can drastically benefit from routine power washing. Cleaning equipment and machinery ensure that all tools that are associated with farming and brewing wine are kept in an ideal condition that allows for the best possible tasting of wine. While also ensuring all equipment and machinery will last their intended lifespan. Wineries and vineyards may also be open to visitors, meaning keeping the area clean communicates attention to detail and potentially a good-tasting product.

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Cleaning and sanitation in wineries and vineyards

Planting, harvesting, and crushing the grapes, maturing the wine, and finally bottling and labeling the finished product are all part of the process of making the perfect tasting wine. Many wineries have expanded from typical vineyard and brewery operations to provide clients with a comprehensive experience to learn about and sample their wine. AquaTerra provides vineyards with power washing programs tailored exclusively to the wine sector. AquaTerra has you covered for anything from power cleaning agricultural machinery to sterilizing brewing equipment to maintaining patios and common areas.

Farm machinery power washing

Larger wineries frequently employ heavy agricultural equipment to assist with grape planting and harvesting. These machines are susceptible to filth and sludge, which can cause damage to moving parts and rust buildup. The AquaTerra high-pressure cleaning system may remove sludge from the machine’s components, preventing dangerous rust buildup and extending the equipment’s life. We exclusively use ecologically friendly detergents, so you can be confident that the service will be gentle on the environment.

Clean and sanitize brewery equipment

Spills and stains are common while brewing wine. Cleaning the brewing equipment on a regular basis is essential to avoid mold, germs, and viruses from forming and producing an unhealthy and damaged product. AquaTerra uses equipment that can reach high temperatures and is capable of sanitizing brewing equipment such as grape crushing machines, bottling equipment, pumps, and storage tanks. Our steam blasting services may also disinfect and remove stains from your manufacturing floor while leaving no puddles of water behind.

Clean and sterilize wine barrels

Oak wine barrels impart a distinct flavor to aged wine. It is critical to properly clean the barrels after each usage to eliminate stains and debris and to prevent mold and germs from growing. While an oak barrel is vital for the wine’s flavor, a filthy barrel can ruin the wine’s taste no matter how fine the recipe is. AquaTerra can assist in the cleaning and sterilization of oak and stainless steel wine barrels to ensure your wine recipes’ intended tastes are not affected.

Power wash patio and walkways

Many wineries are more than simply brewers, they also provide clients with a one-of-a-kind experience. AquaTerra specializes in power washing patios, outdoor furniture, building exteriors, and walkways to provide an upgraded eating experience for your visitors. Our cutting-edge technology eliminates dirt, debris, and stubborn stains, restoring the appearance of your exterior. Our trucks are prepared to wash patios of different sizes and can carry large quantities of water aboard to ensure any sized project will be finished promptly.

Our Food Manufacturing Plant Power Washing, cleaning and sanitization services are great for:

  • Power washing farming equipment used to plant and harvest grapes
  • Clean and sanitize brewing equipment
  • Remove stains, grime, and mold
  • Clean and sanitize oak and stainless steel wine barrels
  • Power washing patios and walkways

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