Power Sweeping

Not only does the accumulation of sand, salt, and debris look unpleasant, but it also accelerates the deterioration of your warehouse or parking lot. We solve this issue for our clients by using the most technologically sophisticated vacuum equipment available at an economical price. With the least amount of interference to your facility’s regular activities, we can swiftly and safely sweep any surface. ​To keep your properties looking their best, AquaTerra provides power sweeping and power washing services.


For underground and outdoor parking lots, power sweeping works wonderfully. We utilize Tennant M30 sweepers in our fleet; these are the most productive sweepers available for maintaining large areas. Parking lots are best suited for routine sweeping as they accumulate a lot of debris, especially around the curbs where trash, cigarette butts, and sand tend to gather. This accumulation is released as fugitive dust, which can land on cars and people. We gather all of the dirt and debris and take it off the property. Additionally, our machines are incredibly quiet, which makes them perfect for usage at night, especially in residential areas. Maintaining the integrity of your pavement and keeping it appearing new can be achieved with a regular cleaning schedule.

Why Power Sweeping is Important for Your Property

Inviting atmosphere

Business owners hope that potential consumers will form a positive “first impression” of them right away as they park outside. If the external maintenance is inadequate, prospective clients may assume that other aspects of the business, such as indoor cleanliness, are as badly managed. When a parking lot is visibly kept up, visitors are less likely to litter or throw trash out of their vehicles while they are visiting.

Preventive care

Dirt, stones, sand and other debris are harsh on pavement and will reduce its overall lifespan.  In addition any sealcoating, or painted lines will fade sooner than expected due to the abrasive nature of the debris and dirt.


Parking area owners need to place a high value on properly managing stormwater flow. A systematic sweeping program can help to guarantee that the company is making every effort to reduce contaminants in its stormwater runoff stream.

Dust reduction

By sweeping your yard and factories, you can lessen the amount of airborne dust that could endanger your team’s safety and bother nearby properties.

Protection for Asphalt

Dirt rapidly begins to erode the paving material when it is left on the surface. This is particularly true when enough soil is accumulated to support plant growth, as the roots of these plants can induce cracks in asphalt and cement. The regular cost of sweeping is significantly less than the replacement price of pavement.

Our power sweeping services are great for:

  • Commercial and residential parking lots

  • Commercial and residential parking garages

  • Manufacturing and warehouse facilities

  • Commercial and industrial yards

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Residential Services

We can transform your home’s exterior with our state of the art power washing equipment to keep your home looking its best.


Commercial Services

We provide commercial power washing services to help you keep your buildings, equipment, and fleet vehicles clean.


Fleet Washing

Our experienced deep-cleaning team and state of the art power washing equipment can help your company’s fleet stay in top shape.


Industrial Services

We provide industrial power washing services to help clean and sanitize the toughest industrial messes and spills.


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