Fleet Washing

Are you looking to keep your fleet looking and performing at its best? Our experienced deep-cleaning team and state of the art power washing equipment can help your company’s fleet stay in top shape.


Why Choose AquaTerra for Mobile Fleet Washing

Brushing down to the details

Sometimes dirt and grime need some physical work, like brushing, to fully get rid of the problem spots on a truck or trailer. In other cases, some areas can be harder to reach with a power washer or an area might need that extra attention like the truck grill or stack. The best way to clean these areas is physically brushing these vehicles. Depending on the situation, with our expertise, we know which tools and techniques to use, whether that be handling the power washer or throwing manpower at the fleet to focus on all the details. Rest assured, your fleet will be left spotless.

Knowledgeable, committed cleaning professionals

Our deep-cleaning crew understands how fleet vehicles function from the inside out, so we can work carefully to prevent harming or compromising important vehicle components. We are meticulous about what we spray and scrub down, including the wiring and electronics. Rest assured your fleet is always in skilled and attentive hands. We are also dedicated to doing our best on every project, whether it is a one-time duty or a series of appointments. Regardless, you will always receive the most considerate and respectful service.

A one-of-a-kind mobile cleaning setup

We understand how fleets function since we operate one ourselves. Our mobile cleaning vans have large water capacities on our vehicles as well as specially designed heating components. The large water capacity allows us to tackle larger projects with fewer refills, while the specially designed heating components are ideal for steam-blasting stubborn rust and dirt. We work hard to respect your drivers, receivers, and any eco-focused compliance regulations, in addition to using ecologically friendly cleaning methods. Aqua TerraMobile Wash, in conjunction with our professional crew, eliminates the stress of maintaining your fleet while also keeping it looking and running at its best.

Fleet washing, more than just cleaning!


Fleet washing may seem minor but makes a big difference to morale. A clean-looking vehicle helps to show your employees that their workplace cares about what their product looks like and can help attract good drivers to work for your company. A clean fleet appeals to your driver’s sense of pride. In turn, can improve worker retention and boost overall business success.


In just one day on the road, any fleet can accumulate grease, asphalt, oil, mud, and other debris. After a week with this kind of accumulation, your fleet could be unrecognizable. Over time this grime collects on all types of vehicles, If it is not removed promptly this grime could potentially cause mechanical issues. The dirt can also interfere with inspections and repairs. To avoid this, preventative measures in scheduled fleet washing will keep your vehicles running smoothly and safely.

Image and Brand

Your fleet represents your company, if the vehicles are dirty or messy, this sends a poor message of your brand to potential customers. Washing your fleet presents yourself to the public in an appealing view. They appear more sleek and professional when they are freshly cleaned. Each time a fleet vehicle passes another car on the road, it is a chance for a first impression. It is vital that your fleet appears clean and well put together because each person you pass could be a future customer, future business partner, or future employee. Your fleet is an extension of your business which adds to the overall image, where a clean vehicle will help your customers associate your company with a clean brand. Ensure each vehicle in your fleet properly represents you and your services with professional fleet cleaning.

Keep your vehicles looking and performing their best!

Your fleet is a living, breathing reflection of your company, transporting its name across the neighborhood and possibly the world. Do not allow filth, grime, and grease to stain your reputation. Our fleet truck cleaning services are an excellent method to keep your vehicles looking and running at their best. The AquaTerra approach is the simple way to keep your company’s fleet in excellent shape, thanks to our expert crew and cutting-edge pressure and power washing equipment.

Our fleet truck washing services are great for:

  • Truck/tractor exterior washing
  • Trailer/reefer exterior washing
  • Inside trailer/reefer washing
  • Flatbeds washing
  • Dump truck washing
  • Dump truck washing
  • Biodegradable environmentally friendly soap perfect for paved yards
  • Hubcaps and suspension maintenance
  • Dirt, grime, mold, or grease removal
  • Cab, window, door, and hood cleaning
  • Touchpoint cleaning to protect drivers and delivery recipients
  • Improved rustproofing capabilities
  • Ventilation clearing for optimal engine intake performance
  • Prepping a fleet for a fresh paint job

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