Factory Sanitation & Maintenance

Whether it is dirt and residue from the manufacturing line or damage caused by the severe Canadian winters, AquaTerra factory maintenance packages allow clients to focus their energies where it matters while we take care of the cleaning!


Since cleanliness is critical in every workplace, manufacturers must include factory cleaning in their regular operations. Having the greatest cleanliness in your plant, on the other hand, requires more than just the occasional cleaning. You may need to establish a cleaning schedule in your place of work that can instill the best hygienic standards. Maintaining the cleanliness of your factory requires time and work, but it will benefit your company, employees, and consumers.

Why Factory Sanitation and Maintenance is Important

Meet industry regulations

Factories and manufacturing companies are subject to a number of rules aimed at keeping employees and consumers safe. A variety of rules are in place to encourage companies to follow specified procedures in order to fulfill health and safety requirements and to avoid the penalties of noncompliance in the form of fines and legal actions. This is especially important for food processors, who must adhere to high cleanliness standards to ensure customer safety and satisfaction.

Placing routine cleaning services throughout your factory and larger business will enable you to achieve high levels of safety, ensuring that you constantly satisfy standards. This will save you money and perhaps prevent harm to your reputation, while also reducing the risk to your staff. AquaTerra offers year-round services to ensure your factory is properly sanitized and maintained at all times.

Increase productivity

A clean factory is one that allows employees to accomplish their jobs effectively. Any company’s objective should be to create a factory that is well-organized, convenient to use, and encourages a positive working atmosphere. Workers should be able to discover what they need promptly and simply so that they can execute their jobs without difficulty. If your factory is not adequately cleaned, workers may be unable to identify the resources they require, resulting in greater human error, higher waste and expenses, and longer production turnaround times. This type of setting is also more likely to be stressful for your employees.

Effective industrial cleaning enables your employees to accomplish their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Additionally, because cleanliness promotes health and safety, you may cut down on time wasted due to employee injury or absence. All of this contributes to higher productivity across your business, allowing you to keep costs low and morale high. AquaTerra has skilled and highly knowledgeable professionals that understand how to use specific equipment and the surfaces they are working on. With this expertise, factory sanitation including floors, walls, windows, production equipment, and outdoor spaces can be cleaned properly.

Keep your production line running effectively

Efficient factory cleaning should include a routine cleaning of the complete production line, including the machinery and materials that pass through it. A clean production line should reduce the chance of line malfunctions and breakdowns, allowing production to continue smoothly.

Try to integrate your cleaning with regular production line services. Regular power washing service will involve routine examinations of your manufacturing line to ensure that everything is regularly clean and sanitized. This suggests that this form of cleaning is beneficial to have in place so that you can maintain production operations alongside your usual cleaning operations. AquaTerra uses highly capable washing equipment that is capable of sanitizing any area. Our equipment is able to provide high pressure, hot water capabilities, and a carrying capacity of about 4000 gallons for continuous power washing.

Our factory sanitation and maintenance cleaning service are great for:

  • Plant production equipment
  • Factory floors, walls, ceilings
  • General sanitization
  • Brick or concrete wallsaremove any feces and food remnants from the livestock’s dwelling quarters
  • Outdoor spaces

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