Parking Garage Power Washing

AquaTerra employs robust machinery that enables operators to successfully power wash large areas. We also provide water collection services to ensure that no puddles are left behind and your parking facility is left clean.


Maintaining a commercial or residential property from the inside and out can be a large endeavour, and one aspect you can not afford to overlook is the parking lot. It’s usually the first point of physical interaction clients and customers have with your business, and a well-maintained parking lot is the start of a good experience for anyone that comes to your property. Power washing a parkade can be a timely task to do on your own but routine power washing can make a big impact. Have a look at our parkade cleaning services.

We recognize that the busiest period for a parking garage is during business hours. Since we operate around the clock, we may clean during off-peak hours, allowing our clients to minimize the impact on their operations and increase income. We deliver all of the supplies and equipment needed to complete the project, including water and electricity, to make things as simple as possible for our customers.

Why Parking Lot Maintenance is Important for Your Business

Parkade power washing

Parkades may get filthy quickly due to a large number of cars and people traveling through them every day and in all weather conditions. Parkades, parking lots, and parking garages are frequently vulnerable to oil stains, gum, dirt, debris, graffiti, water, snow, and other substances, prompting constant upkeep. A clean parking lot can also create a positive perception of your business or property, where potential customers and tenants look at exterior appearance when choosing where to shop or reside. In turn, a clean parking area can both attract and retain all kinds of clientele. AquaTerra Mobile Wash has created power washing packages exclusively for parking garages in order to maintain them clean and safe, prevent costly repairs, and attract customers.

Deep clean

Parking lot power washing is ideal for preventive maintenance. It fends off dirt build-up, thereby preserving the quality of your parking lot surface. The more consistent you are about parking power washing, the more you are extending the lifespan of your parking lot. It will take much longer before the area needs to be re-asphalted and repainted. We have portable water equipment that can reach temperatures of over 100 degrees Celsius, allowing us to not only steam blast stubborn filth and stains but also sterilize all surfaces. We clean all surfaces from top to bottom, including the ceiling, walls, ledges, and floor. Oil stains, gum, graffiti, mold, and hard dirt are all removed by our strong equipment. By the conclusion of your service, your parking lot will be spotless!

No hazards left behind

Oil and other contaminants that might cause slippage are removed by power washing. It also gets rid of sharp debris like pebbles, tiny branches, and other small objects that may harm car ties. Along with lingering debris, water tends to pool in low locations in parkades, leaving stagnant water behind that can breed odors, mildew, water stains, and sliding dangers. Customers will drive through puddles left behind, spreading dirty water over your freshly cleansed parking lot. At the end of each parkade wash, we gather all water and debris, leaving the space looking its finest!

Our parkade maintenance services are great for:

  • Commercial parking lots
  • Residential parking lots
  • Underground parking garages
  • Multi-level parking garages

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