Playgrounds & Picnic Areas

AquaTerra prioritizes the safety of all our families and communities, which is why we proudly provide sanitation services for playgrounds, picnic spots, and other shared places.


Local or private playgrounds and picnic areas are great places for family and friends to gather. However, these areas need to be regularly cleaned in order to be fully enjoyed. Power washing is capable of removing filth and grime more quickly and efficiently than manual cleaning. When high-pressure water is used on a surface, it drives debris away without hurting the underlying surface. Water is all that is required since the pressure accomplishes the rest. Eco-friendly solutions, on the other hand, can remove stubborn stains that demand more work. The addition of high temperatures in conjunction with high pressure can kill germs and bacteria as well as remove dirt and debris.

Why Keeping Public Playgrounds and Parks Clean is Important

Improve appeal

Nobody likes to play at a park or playground that appears to have seen better days. Rust, filth, and grime accumulation detract from the beauty of these places. A park that is well maintained attracts more visitors and can appeal to more people. In contrast, a park area that is not cleaned can deter potential visitors away. However, with thorough ∂power washing, you may return them to their original state by removing the build-up of dirt and grime. AquTerra offers a wealth of knowledge in the power washing sector. Our professional specialists understand how to clean parks, playgrounds, and other recreational places properly and safely.

Effective cleaning

Playgrounds, picnic areas, and other outdoor shared spaces are placed in the harsh seasons and weather. Over time they experience a great deal of wear and tear due to a build-up of dirt and grime. The process of degradation is accelerated by the combination of weather and debris. Dirt and grime, if allowed to collect, can damage materials and compromise the structural integrity of playgrounds, picnic areas, and other shared areas. With the sheer power of water, pressure washing removes stains and other contaminants. With the addition of some cleaning solutions, even difficult-to-remove stains do not stand a chance.

AquaTerra uses industrial-grade equipment that is powerful enough to clean all types of outdoor surfaces. We can readily adapt our cleaning procedures based on your demands and surfaces by using a range of power washers, nozzles, and other accessories. We also carry with us 4000 gallons of our own water to provide up to 12 hours of continuous power washing to ensure almost any size park or playground can be serviced.

Promote health and safety

Recreational facilities that are heavily used and on the verge of collapsing due to corrosion and dirt are liability issues. They have the potential to cause accidents or injury and can be unsafe to use. Furthermore, mold and mildew are major health risks that must be removed with high-pressure washing. AquaTerra uses a sanitization process that is capable of attacking harmful and undesirable substances. With our expertise and equipment, these substances can be thoroughly removed from your parks, playgrounds, and other recreational places. AquaTerra also utilizes environmentally responsible cleaning solutions that not only rid any surface of debris but do so without leaving any harmful chemicals behind. We are dedicated to the safety of families and communities.

Our playgrounds and picnic area cleaning services are great for:

  • Picnic tables and benches
  • Playground equipment
  • Pavilions
  • Pools
  • Parking lots

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