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Are you looking to keep your Bolton area fleet looking and performing at its best? Our experienced deep-cleaning team and state of the art power washing equipment can help your company’s fleet stay in top shape.


Why Choose AquaTerra for Bolton Mobile Fleet Washing

Let the brushing take care of the details

In certain cases, physical labour such as brushing is necessary to completely remove dirt and grime from troublesome areas on a truck or trailer. In other situations, certain places, like the truck grill or stack, may be more difficult to reach with a power washer or may require more care. Physically brushing these vehicles is the most effective technique to clean these places. With our knowledge and experience, we know when a job call for a power washer or if it requires team members to physically attend to every little detail. You can be confident that your Bolton area fleet will be left immaculate.

Committed & knowledgeable cleaning professionals

Our expert cleaning team is very familiar with fleet vehicles’ workings, both inside and out. This allows us to take extra care to avoid damaging or jeopardizing crucial vehicle components. We take great care in cleaning and disinfecting everything, even the electronics and wiring. You can be sure that your Bolton area fleet is always in capable and considerate hands. Additionally, we pledge to give every project—whether it’s a one-time task or a string of appointments—our all. In any case, you’ll always get the most polite and thoughtful treatment.

A mobile cleaning setup design to get the job done

We operate a fleet ourselves, so we are familiar with how they work. Large water tanks and specifically made heating components are features of our mobile cleaning vans. With fewer refills needed for larger operations, the huge water capacity and specifically built heating components make it possible to steam-blast away tough dirt and corrosion. We not only employ environmentally friendly cleaning procedures, but we also make a concerted effort to respect your drivers, receivers, and any eco-focused compliance standards. Together with our skilled team, Aqua TerraMobile Wash takes the worry out of maintaining your Bolton area fleet and keeps it looking and performing at its peak.

Mobile Truck Washing Bolton

Bolton fleet washing, more than just cleaning!


Despite its seeming insignificance, fleet washing significantly boosts morale. A well-maintained vehicle can assist in recruiting competent drivers to your business and demonstrate to your team that the appearance of their job matters. Your drivers will feel more pride in their work when their fleet is well kept and clean. It can thereby increase employee retention and enhance overall business profitability.


Any fleet can gather mud, asphalt, oil, grease, and other waste in a single day of driving. This kind of accumulation might leave your fleet completely unrecognizable after just one week. This dirt builds up on all kinds of vehicles over time, and if it is not cleaned off right away, it may result in mechanical problems. Additionally, the dirt may obstruct repairs and inspections. Preventive steps like routine fleet washing will keep your trucks operating safely and smoothly.

Brand Image

Your fleet serves as a representation of your business; if the vehicles are untidy or unclean, this gives potential customers a bad impression of your organization. Maintaining a clean fleet gives you a positive public image. When they are newly cleaned, they look more polished and businesslike. A fleet vehicle has the opportunity to make a first impression every time it passes another vehicle on the road. You never know who you might pass along the way who might become a potential client, business associate, or employee. This is why it is imperative that your fleet runs well and presents well. A clean fleet will assist your clients associate your business with a great brand. Your fleet is an extension of your business and contributes to the overall image. Ensure each vehicle in your fleet properly represents you and your services with professional fleet cleaning.

Keep your vehicles looking and performing their best!

Your fleet is a living, breathing reflection of your company, transporting its name across the neighborhood and possibly the world. Do not allow filth, grime, and grease to stain your reputation. Our Bolton fleet truck cleaning services are an excellent method to keep your vehicles looking and running at their best. The AquaTerra approach is the simple way to keep your company’s fleet in excellent shape, thanks to our expert crew and cutting-edge pressure and power washing equipment.

Our Bolton fleet truck washing services are great for:

  • Truck/tractor exterior washing
  • Trailer/reefer exterior washing
  • Inside trailer/reefer washing
  • Flatbeds washing
  • Dump truck washing
  • Dump truck washing
  • Biodegradable environmentally friendly soap perfect for paved yards
  • Hubcaps and suspension maintenance
  • Dirt, grime, mold, or grease removal
  • Cab, window, door, and hood cleaning
  • Touchpoint cleaning to protect drivers and delivery recipients
  • Improved rustproofing capabilities
  • Ventilation clearing for optimal engine intake performance
  • Prepping a fleet for a fresh paint job

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