It may be challenging to keep your residential or commercial property looking friendly and professional. Pollution, birds, mildew, graffiti, gum, oil, and grime are all things that can cause your roof, windows, walls, and walkways to become dirty. Using power washing on your property, you can remove these unsightly markings, stains, and streaks. There are a number of benefits of using a power washer to clean your home or business. In addition, to get the most out of your power washing experience, a specialist is highly recommended when it comes to using this type of equipment safely and effectively.

What is power washing?

Simply described, power washing is the use of high-powered water jets to clean surfaces of mud, dust, grime, loose paint, moss, algae, and other residues. The ability of power washing to get into small nooks and crannies and blast away all the filth hiding out of sight is what makes it so much more successful than normal washing with water and manual labor. Power washers are able to generate pressures ranging from 750 to 30,000 pounds per square inch (psi). In contrast, the usual force from a household water faucet is between 40 and 60 psi. The vast variety of surfaces that power washers can clean ranges from patios and decks to whole parking lots and vehicles. With such versatility, power washing is an optimal solution to cleaning hard surfaces.

Why power washing is important

After covering what power washing is and its capabilities, here are some of the reasons why you need it for your home or business property.

1. Prevent damage

Dirt and moss may seem harmless to a home or business property. However, if left uncleaned, dirt and moss can accumulate on your property or outdoor goods and eventually erode them. They not only harm paint, concrete sealer, and other surface coatings, but they can also harm the materials beneath, such as vinyl siding or deck wood.

The degradation does not only impact surfaces but once surface coatings and materials begin to deteriorate, everything beneath them becomes exposed to harm. This means the interior of your walls may be exposed to moisture, prone to infestation, and other invaders, which may create major structural issues and give you a lot of inconveniences. Dirt and other things also tend to accumulate in the microscopic fissures found in every structure. The dirt may collect for years, out of sight and out of reach of rain and wind, until cracks are crammed with bacterial breeding areas.

Power washing removes dirt, grime, moss, and other things from your surfaces, and it also penetrates into the smallest cracks to blast away everything that has accumulated over time, preventing damage before it has a chance to take root and become a huge issue for you and your property.

2. Save on costs

Power washing is capable of preventing harm to your property because of that reason power washing also saves you money by preventing damage that would otherwise prompt you into paying for repairs or even full replacements. Having your home or business power washed on a routine basis is significantly less expensive than restoring the damage caused by allowing dirt and grime to accumulate. Power washing can be a type of preventative maintenance where a small investment today can mean more savings down the line.

3. Save time and energy

Being a homeowner or business owner means your time is valuable. You also recognize the significance of maintaining a clean exterior for your property because first impressions matter in welcoming guests to your home or clients to your business, and you certainly wouldn’t want to drive people away. With your busy schedule, the amount of time and work you save by using a power washer instead of physically cleaning your items or buildings manually is both a time and energy saver.

Manual washing of the exterior of your property can take a day if not multiple days to complete. In addition, manual washing is not as effective and detailed as cleaning with a power washer. The length of time it takes to power wash your property is determined by several factors, including the size of your home or business, the number of people working on the cleaning, and how accessible all portions of the exterior are. However, even a big home could probably be done in a few hours, and smaller surfaces may be looking like new in 30 minutes if done with a power washer rather than by hand.

4. Safety

We all know that proper hygiene is essential for good health, but some may be unaware that the cleanliness of the outside surfaces around our home and office may have a direct influence on the health and safety of your families, workers, and even your pets. Dirt and grime accumulation creates an ideal breeding environment for germs and rodents, both of which are known disease carriers. Additionally, if the damage is allowed to expand, it might expose the interior of your building to spores that can lead to illnesses. Power washing eliminates the threat of disease-causing microorganisms and produces a less supportive atmosphere for rodents, ensuring the safety of everyone in the building. Power washing also eliminates pollen buildup from your surfaces, so if you or someone you know suffers from pollen allergies, power washing can assist in reducing those ailments.

5. Increase curb appeal

Power washing is also capable of having a dramatic effect on the look of your home or business. If your brick sidewalk is covered in moss and filth, or your siding is covered in dirt, you might not even tell what color it is until it gets a good wash. Those surfaces can appear brand new again with a good power wash, which in turn boosts your property’s curb appeal. Curb appeal is crucial for homes, but it is also significant for businesses because potential clients or employees will assess the quality of your goods or services based on the appearance of your building, so improving your property’s curb appeal can actually have a direct impact in growing your business.

6. Increase home value

If you are considering selling your home or business property, you are definitely searching for methods to boost its value. One way to increase your home’s or business property’s value is by power washing. When prospective buyers arrive and notice a heavy layer of grime on everything, they conclude the home or business is in a bad physical condition and lack any value. However, if the first thing they notice is clean, glistening surfaces that appear brand new, they will have no reason to assume that your property is not worth the top dollar.

7. Prime surfaces for renovation

If you are thinking about repainting your building or making a more significant renovation like new siding installation it is recommended to wash those surfaces before you begin outside improvements on your home or company. It is highly recommended not to paint on a filthy surface. Aside from basic cleaning, power washing may remove loose or flaking paint, providing you with a smooth, prepared surface to work on.

Why you should leave it to the pros to power wash

With the points mentioned on why power washing is crucial to your home or company, you may be tempted to do it yourself. However, power washing is the kind of job that is best left to specialists. The following advantages will illustrate why power washing is a job for only professionals and trained individuals.

1. Use of correct equipment

You probably do not have a power washer laying around waiting to be used. It is possible to rent one, but that is an expensive and time-consuming option. If you do not want to incur extra expenses, you would have to find one to rent, pick it up, learn the basics of using it, complete your project, fill it back up with gas, and return it all within a business day. On the other hand, professionals already possess the best tools for the job and understand how to utilize power washers. They will show up with the power washer ready to start and clear it away at the end of the day, with no inconvenience and hassle to you.

2. Environmentally friendly

Pressure washing has the potential to be harmful to the environment for a number of reasons, including the use of a lot of water, the use of soap and other cleaning chemicals that are harmful to the soil, and the discharge of filth, grease, and other pollutants onto the ground or into the sewer. Natural water runoff means that these chemicals will eventually make their way to nearby lakes and rivers, directly affecting the environment nearby. A power washing specialist will take care to minimize the environmental effect by using procedures that cut water use and prevent dangerous chemicals from excessive runoff. This safeguards, not just the adjacent soil and plants, but also wild animals and pets that may come into touch with pressure washer runoff.

3. Avoid damage to surfaces

Though power washing is an important method for preventing damage from grime and filth buildup, power washers themselves can cause surface damage if the person using them is untrained. This is due to the fact that power washers may produce a wide variety of pressures, and you would need to know which settings to use on a specific item you are cleaning or you risk causing scratches, chips, to the item, or even damage to the washer itself. Power washing specialists understand how to apply the appropriate amount of pressure to clean whatever you need to be cleaned and they can leave your surfaces shining without risk of harm.

4. Avoid injuring yourself

While the pressure generated by a power washer is excellent for cleaning surfaces, it is not pleasant when pointed toward human skin. Accidentally striking oneself with a pressure washer jet can result in serious injury. There is also the risk of sliding and injuring oneself, or of falling from a ladder when attempting to reach tough areas. An experienced professional understands what to do to keep both themself and you safe.

Power washing is one of the useful tools you can use on your home or business to get it looking clean and presentable. There are so many added benefits of power washing including protecting your property from damage and keeping your family and employees safe. In addition, power washing saves you time, energy, and money. Power washing should be done by a specialist to ensure your home or business is cleaned safely and effectively. Consider employing a specialist for optimal results.